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New to boating?

As a family that’s used to messing about on boats of all kinds, we’ve picked up a great deal of useful information over the years. We use this, together with our local knowledge, to provide those extra things which can make the difference between a bumpy holiday and one that’s plain sailing. We believe we can provide most landlubbers with a holiday experience on water that runs smoothly. Perhaps you’re considering going on a canal for the first time or maybe you’ve narrowed it down to a few waterways – please ask us any questions and we’ll give you honest answers.


Make life easy...use a bow thruster

On a boating holiday, there is always plenty to do on the water itself, not least steering your boat, but our luxury fleet is designed with relaxation in mind. For effortless manoeuvring around bends choose a boat with a bow thruster – jets of water which can move the front of the vessel sideways with the simple push of a button located on the rear deck. Usually found only on privately-owned boats, it’s a major selling point for many of our customers, who prefer not to use the traditional barge pole.

We supply everything you need to know

All our customers receive a bespoke information pack containing:
  • a 40 minute DVD (produced by Beacon Park Boats) explaining how to operate your boat
  • recommended itineraries to help you get the most out of your holiday
  • simple directions to our wharf

Help is at hand

Unlike some cruises, holidays with Beacon Park Boats do not start from an untidy boatyard shared by several hire firms. You will arrive at our private wharf, park your vehicle in our car park, be welcomed by and learn the ropes from one of our experienced team. We will spend time giving you a detailed handover, which is audited and approved by the British Marine Federation. Before you set off you’ll know how to handle the boat and the equipment aboard, and take a practice cruise. In the unlikely event that you need help during your holiday, we’re always on call and will endeavour to be with you within the hour.
What's on board