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Built by us

You’ll never have experienced boats quite like ours because they're bespoke. We are particularly proud that we design and build all our boats, adding a new one (or two) to the fleet each year. The process starts by spending time with our customers, finding out what their ideal boat would be. Then we try to design and build it, with the premise that it must be the sort of high quality boat on which we would want to spend a holiday.

The initial sketched layout sits on the drawing board in the office for several months allowing time for it to mature as different customers and colleagues comment on every aspect of the plan. For each boat we focus on at least one unique element, for example an inspection launch style, wider beds, bigger bathrooms, hot tub, wet room and so on. Once we’re content with the design, we discuss it with our fabricator.

The entire process, from initial sketch to launching the boat on to the canal, takes about 12 months.

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