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Access Statement for Wharfinger's Cottage

Wharfinger's Cottage is situated off Church Lane, Llanfoist, Abergavenny, South Wales. NP7 9NG.

The Approach to Wharfinger's Cottage:

The lane to the cottage climbs uphill from the village and is single track with passing places. The lane becomes the private driveway for Wharfinger's Cottage (and The Boathouse) at a set of security gates with keypad access. The driveway continues across the private bridge over the canal.

Parking at Wharfinger's Cottage:

Parking for three cars is available at the cottage. There are three access points to the cottage. Parking is within 20m of the back door accessed via 12 stone steps with handrail on the right hand side descending, and within 40m of the front entrance to the house, also on the ground floor. The front entrance is accessed either via the steps or around the side of the house, which is all on one level, and through the garden gate via a stone sloping path – suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs. The third entrance to the house is via a porch to the side of the house approximately 50m from the car parking area, and providing level access with one step into the porch.

The Gardens/Paths at Wharfinger's Cottage:

The front garden can be accessed via the stone steps to the back door or around the side of the house via the garden gate as detailed above. There is a stone path running from the back door at the base of the steps all around the front of the house and joining the path to the garden gate at the side of the property. The grassed area is accessed via two stone steps off the path or directly off the stone path leading from the garden gate. This area of garden borders the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal; there is no fencing around the front garden.

The garden to the rear of the house is terraced. There are 3 stone steps to the first level of terracing. There are two benches at this level and a pond fed via a spring; this is an ideal spot for relaxing. The stone path continues across the rear of the flower border with stone steps at either end. These steps are steep and uneven, varying in width and height and provide access to the upper terraced levels of the garden.

Stairways at Wharfinger's Cottage:

Wharfinger's Cottage is on three floors. There is a flight of 12 steps from the ground to the middle floor. These have a handrail on the right hand side ascending. There is a flight of 11 steps from the middle to the upper floor, the handrail is on the right hand side ascending. There are two steps between the kitchen and dining room.

The Bathrooms at Wharfinger's Cottage:

The main bathroom is situated on the middle of the three floors. The sink is opposite the door and has lift up lever mixer taps and is built into a unit onto which wash bags etc can be stored; there is a mirror above the sink unit. There is a double ended bath with mixer tap (in the centre of the longer side of the bath). The tap is a lift up lever which moves left and right to adjust water temperature. There is a double sized shower across the end wall of the bathroom opposite the bath. There is a threshold step to get into the shower. There is a fixed shower head and an additional detachable shower head. There are safety led lights incorporated into the shower head to indicate appropriate temperature setting – ie blue 'cold', green 'safe temperature', red 'too hot'. The toilet is to the right of the sink unit. The sink unit can be used to steady oneself when getting off the toilet.

The ensuite bathroom to the main bedroom is on the upper floor of the house and comprises of a toilet - opposite the door, a sink unit with storage underneath and space for toiletries etc around it and with a large mirror above it; and a shower with a threshold step. The shower is electric, with a pull cord for power.

There is a toilet on the ground floor of the house off the utility room.

Internal Doors at Wharfinger's Cottage:

Doors on the ground floor are 0.75m wide with handles at 1m.

Doors on the middle floor are 0.75m wide with handles at 1m The porch has two sets of double doors with total opening width of 1.8m

Doors on the upper floor are 0.75mwide with handles at 1m.

Switches and sockets at Wharfinger's Cottage:

Ground floor:

The kitchen and utility room light switches are 1.4m high

There are 2 double sockets in the utility room at 0.3m high.

There are 3double sockets in the kitchen are at1.1m high.

The dining room has light switches at 1.4m, all lights dimmable. There are 3 sockets at 0.3m high.

Middle floor:

The entrance hall has light switches at 1.4m high and 2 double sockets at 0.8m high and one at 0.5m high.

The sitting room has a light switch at1.4m high and 3 double sockets at 0.3m high.

Upper floor:

The bedrooms have light switches at 1.4m high with additional light pulls above the beds in the second and third bedrooms. There are bedside lamps on each side of each bed with toggle switches on the wires.

There are 3 single sockets in bedroom one at 0.3m high and 2 double sockets at 0.3m high. In bedroom two there are 2 double sockets at 0.5m high. In bedroom three there are 3 double sockets at 0.3m high.


There is a smoke alarm on each of the three floors of Wharfinger's Cottage; these are mains wired.


There is a bus stop on the main road into Abergavenny, 200m from the bottom of Church lane. There is a train station in Abergavenny a 40 minute walk from Wharfinger's Cottage or a 5 minute drive; there is parking at the station. Abergavenny bus station is opposite the tourist information centre in Abergavenny about a 30 minute walk or 5 minute drive from Wharfinger's Cottage.

The information pack in the cottage gives details of local taxi firms.


Dogs are very welcome at Wharfinger's Cottage. We ask that visitors bring their dog's bed and note that dogs are restricted to the ground floor of the property. Dogs should not be left unattended in the property but if visitors do wish to go out without their pet the pantry/cellar area of the cottage may be utilised if the dog is put in an appropriate cage. Visitors need to be aware that we keep chickens and a peacock as pets and that these are 'free range'!

Communications at Wharfinger's Cottage:

Mobile telephone reception at the property is good. There is free wi-fi throughout the property.

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