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Our boats are 'like Doctor Who's Tardis'

If you think narrowboats are cramped and claustrophobic, step aboard one of our boats. As someone recently said, they look relatively small from the outside but are like the Doctor Who's Tardis when you get on board. That's no surprise to us, as we spend a great deal of time planning how to make the best use of every square inch. Some of our ideas are taken from what we see when we visit boat shows, and other inspiration comes directly from customers’ ideas. People who've spent a holiday aboard often have useful suggestions which we try to incorporate into our boat designs.

Our fleet of boats includes the following features:

In every kitchen we include a full-size cooker, fridge and microwave. In some of our boats there's a corner cupboard in the kitchen which has a swing-out shelf, to make it easy to reach things at the back of the cupboard.

There are storage drawers or baskets under beds and sofas, and hanging space for clothes in the wardrobes.


To maximise space for moving around the boat during the day, some beds glide to the side, others partially fold away, and on Grouse the two kingsize beds automatically fold away at the push of a button.

Stools, too, can swing neatly out of the way.

There is plenty of space to store the patio chairs and tables that can be used for al fresco dining alongside the towpath or on the decks of some of the boats.

In case it should rain, which it does occasionally in Wales (how else would the countryside look so green?), we provide wet weather gear and a golfing umbrella for the helmsman (the person steering the boat). These, too, stash away neatly close to the rear deck. At our wharf, we provide trolleys for customers to transport their luggage to and from the boats, and we always recommend that customers unpack once they're on the boat and then take the empty suitcases back to their car. No point in having empty luggage taking up space on your boat! For overseas customers travelling with additional luggage intended for a long trip, or arriving by taxi, we're happy to store their suitcases for them.

We really appreciate comments from people who’ve spent a holiday on our boats, and thoroughly read the feedback forms which customers fill in at the end of their holiday. Many customers also leave reviews on TripAdvisor - take a look.

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