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Free activity leaflets for kids

Kids will enjoy the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal even more with the help of our series of activity leaflets. The set of three leaflets is given to every child who holidays with us - on our narrowboats or in our canalside cottages - along with some pencils. The first person to receive them was the very excited Marina who was about to start a boating holiday with her family.

The series of leaflets is called 'Hunt for...' and encourages children, parents and grandparents to search for specific things while on holiday on the canal. The idea started because families often mention to us that they've tried to spot all our narrowboats while on holiday. So the first leaflet we developed was one about our narrowboats. It highlights specific things to look out for on each narrowboat and to write down the narrowboat's name (which appears on the side of the boat) when you see it.

The next leaflet focuses on the heritage of the canal - from locks and stop planks to mooring rings and various types of bridges. Finally, there's a leaflet about creatures including the mallard duck and the kingfisher. Kids have to spot sixteen creatures that can be found on or near the canal.

With the school holidays in full swing, we're welcoming plenty of families to the Mon & Brec and the activity leaflets are going down a storm! From the feedback we've received so far, children seem excited to learn new things about the canal. Let us know what you think. On our Things to Do page you'll find many more things for families to enjoy.