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Engine Drama at Beacon Park Boats

Beacon Park Boats’ newest vessel, the impressive 8-berth, four double-bedded Falcon is nearing completion, and there was a big moment as her new engine was winched above her rear deck, ready to be fitted.

Winching in the engine

As with all things canal boat, space is tight and winching the heavy engine into place, using an overhead gantry, required skill, precision and a smart application of show leather to get it through the rear engine hatch.

Beacon Park Boats owner, Alasdair Kirkpatrick, said: “It’s always a tight fit. We don’t want a huge great hatch in the rear deck, and the engine goes in fully assembled.  It seems almost impossible, but, in the end, you almost have to will it in.

The new engine is a four-cylinder, 40hp, 2 litre, modern, efficient diesel engines, marineised by Barrus Shire.  The prop shaft and electrics were pre-fitted by Beacon Park Boats prior to dropping in the engine.  The block is manufactured in Japan and should run at 1000 rpm for decades of holidays to come.  “You don’t want new technology when it comes to cruising the canals, you want solid reliability – which is what you get with this engine,” said Alasdair.

Alasdair said: “It is always exciting to see an engine going into a boat as it is such a big step closer to cruising along the canal.  Falcon is going to be very popular.  It has always been an ambition of mine to sell out a boat for a season before it is built, and Falcon has only one week’s availability left in 2021!”

There was a ‘will it, won’t it?’ moment of drama as the half-ton engine caught on the edge of the engine hatch.  The engineers tilted it over, but still, it would not go.  Did the water pump need to come off?  What about the alternator?  In the end, a few words of encouragement from Alasdair and the application of a steel toe-capped boot saw it glide into the hatch.

“Where there’s a will, there’s always a way," said Alasdair, “and we knew it would fit because we designed it, just like all our boats.”

“Hopefully, we will be open again as Covid-Secure self-catering accommodation in about five weeks in the middle of March.   There has been a massive amount of work going to get all our boats ready for our customers, and we are raring to go again for the new season.”

You can see Falcon’s big moment on our YouTube Channel or by clicking on this image


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