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Coming soon to Beacon Park Boats

It’s good to see our boats doing what they were meant to once again; taking customers on adventures on the Mon and Brec canal. Now that our season is in full swing, it would be easy to sit back and let the business ‘do its thing’. However, as you know, we like to keep things moving here at Beacon Park Boats, and we have some exciting news for the future. 

The drawings are finalised, and the manufacturing is underway of a brand-new boat to join our fleet, Robin. All our boats are unique, and hand designed to fit a specific purpose, and this new member of the fleet will be no exception.

Robin will be our first entirely electrically powered narrowboat. She has been designed to have as low a carbon footprint as possible without sacrificing the spontaneous nature of cruising the canal. Improvements in battery technology and higher capacity means there should be no need to charge the boat during your holiday, meaning there’s no need to plan your trip around charging points or bring the boat back to the boatyard in the evenings. You can stop, start and change course to wherever you want to go without having to plan ahead. It’s 5-star eco-boating while retaining the ability to act on your impulses while out on the water. 

Robin is the next step from our hybrid boat, Coot, only without the diesel backup. There’s nothing quite like Robin in the UK and she’s something we’re getting excited about here at Beacon Park Boats. If eco cruising sounds up your street, we’re taking bookings ahead of time. Please visit our website at Thank you to everyone who has already shown their interest in Robin.

And that’s not the only reason to get excited. Some great events are happening this month in the local area; we have the Abergavenny Music Festival in the first week of May and the Hay Festival in the last week, both looking to come back stronger than ever. So, if you were looking for a way to extend your canal and soak up some culture, now is a great time to get it booked and make it happen. 

From everyone at Beacon Park Boats, we hope you enjoy the better weather and look forward to seeing you soon!

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Coot - Wake up somewhere new each day.