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5 reasons why teachers love the Mon & Brec canal

1.    It’s off the beaten track

If you’re filled with dread at the thought of bumping into a pupil outside of school, head for the Monmouthshire & Brecon canal. There’s no chance they’ll be among the select number of visitors that cruise this tranquil, tree-lined waterway. The fact that the Mon & Brec (as it is known by locals) is not joined to the rest of the UK canal network means it doesn’t see the huge influx of visitors during school holidays. In short, there’s more wildlife than people.

2.    You’ll have pleasant dreams

Most teachers we know need to catch up on their sleep by the end of term. Why not indulge in a touch of day dreaming on the deck of your narrowboat with a glass of wine as the world drifts by. Or enjoying one of the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a long time. Our luxurious sprung mattresses, cotton bed linen, snuggly duvets and traditional Welsh woollen blankets will make sure of that. You certainly won’t be dreaming of that nightmare class!

3.    No preparation required

Everything is done for you. When you book a holiday with us you’ll receive a pack of information in the post (a bit like an amazing lesson plan) which includes suggested itineraries for your holiday and a DVD about how to operate the boats. Look through that at your leisure. Then, when you arrive at our wharf to start your holiday, it’ll be us teaching you how to manoeuvre the boat and operate everything inside. From our experience, teachers make excellent pupils and pick things up rather quickly!

4.    No results to worry about

Forget about the exam results and don’t panic if you don’t achieve what you set out to do on this break. Take it a day at a time. This is a holiday where you can wake up in a new place each day and move on whenever you feel like a change of scenery. It’s not a race to get to a destination and back. If you fall in love with a particular spot, stay there. If you fancy changing plans for the day, no one minds. You are in complete control.

5.    Holidays last forever

You’ll have no choice but relax and enjoy your surroundings, as our boats travel at just 2½ miles per hour. As soon as you set off cruising from our wharf, your stress levels start to fall and the days seem to expand. It really is the fast way to slow down. A few days into your holiday you’ll be totally chilled and incapable of counting down the number of days before you return to school!

If you really must organise your holiday in advance like you plan your lessons, take a look at our suggested itineraries for short breaks and longer holidays on the Mon & Brec.

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