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5 more 'green' facts about our business

Warm as toast

All our boats and cottages are fully insulated. Old aluminium windows frames in Wharfinger’s Cottage have been replaced with bespoke double-glazed wooden sash windows made by our carpenter. Zoned underfloor heating in Incline and Dry Dock cottages, controlled by thermostats and timers, ensures efficient energy usage. Our boathouse at Llangattock is heated by a 100kw biomass boiler which burns locally sourced timber and all the offcuts produced by our carpenter as he fits out each new boat.


Wood burning stoves

There are wood burners in our cottages and on two of our narrowboats. Customers have a supply of free logs which we harvest from our wooded grounds at Llanfoist Wharf.


We will often commute to work at Llangattock by cycling along the towpath. If not, we’ll be driving a Tesla electric car. In 2018 we’re installing superfast electric charging points at the three cottages at Llanfoist Wharf and at our wharf in Llangattock. We minimise emissions from the narrowboats by installing and carefully maintaining the very best engines, and the battery and motor technology in our electric day boats has recently been ungraded. 


We have switched most of our marketing to digital platforms. When we print items, we choose paper and inks carefully.


Through careful woodland management, we care for the Site of Special Scientific Interest surrounding our cottages at Llanfoist Wharf, offering surplus wood to the local community. We are also working with CADW (the Welsh Government’s historic environment service) to help preserve the incline used to transport goods on tracks down the side of the Blorenge mountain in the 19th century.

And here are 5 more 'green facts' about us.