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5 'green' facts about our business

The Brecon Beacons is an amazing place to live and work, and we recognise our responsibility to protect this stunning environment. We aim to limit our impact by operating our business in a way that is as environmentally-friendly as possible.


Our staff use proper plates, bowls and mugs for their drinks and lunches, and customers are always greeted with drinks in mugs rather than disposable cups.


Instead of tiny sachets of toiletries, we provide luxurious Gilchrist and Soames products in bottles with pump dispensers.


We don’t ask customers to separate recyclables and waste as there are limited recycling facilities along the canal. Instead, we get all the rubbish from our boats and cottages sorted and recycled at the end of each holiday.


We launder our towels, oven gloves and mats - drying them outside when the weather allows, and on drying racks in our boiler room at other times.



All the lights in our boats and cottages are energy-efficient LEDs, and the torches provided in all our accommodation use rechargeable batteries.

And here are 5 more 'green' facts about us.